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Kips CSS Campus Position Holders

Hassan Afzal 2nd Position 2012 Syed Muhammad Abbas Shah 3rd Position 2012
Adeel Haider 5th Position 2012 Humaira Irshad 9th Position 2012
Hassan Waqar Cheema 11th Position 2012 Rabia Riasat 13th Position 2012
Muhammad Jawad Haider 19th Position 2012 Batool Asadi 21st Position 2012
Waseem Ahmed 27th Position 2012 Mansoor Arshad 30th Position 2012
Muhammad Ikram Malik 32nd Position 2012 Khurram Pervaiz 33rd Position 2012
Waqar Ali Khan 37 Position 2012 SAYED AZIZ 39th Position 2012
Qasim Aziz Butt 47 Position 2012  
Dr. Fahad Mumtaz 1st Position 2011 Choudhary Fahad Bashir 1st In AJK
Afaq Wazir 6th Position 2011 Wasim Hamed 13th Position 2011
Sidra Saleem 17th Position 2011 Zahid Pervaiz Warraich 18th Position 2011
Muhammad Zeeshan Hanif 20th Position 2011 Imran Ahmed Malik 21st Position 2011
Ahmed Usman Javed 27th Position 2011 Warda Mashhood Shorish 31th Position 2011
Shah Nawaz 33th Position ( Sindh R 1st) 2011 Dr. Anoosh Masood Ch. 34th Position 2011
Muhammad Asim 35th Position 2011 Muhammad Imran Sethi 36th Position (KPK 1st) 2011
Mazhoor Ali Sindh 37th Position ( Sindh Urban 1st) 2011 Muhammad Asif Rahim 38th Position (KPK 2nd) 2011
Hasnain Haider 39th Position 2011 Ayesha Ashraf 41st Position 2011
Abdul Rouf 45th Positioin 2011

KIPS Latest News

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